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Wednesday, 26 March 2008 03:29
Akita MapAkita Prefecture (秋田県, Akita-ken) is located in the Tohoku Region of northern Japan. The capital is the city of Akita. Located in the north of Honshu Island, Akita Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan in the west and is bordered by Aomori in the north, Iwate in the east, Miyagi in the south east, and Yamagata in the south.

Akita Prefecture is rectangular in shape, roughly 181 km from north to south and 111 km from west to east. The Ou Mountains mark the eastern border of the prefecture, and the higher Dewa Mountains run parallel through the center of the prefecture. Like much of northern Japan, the prefecture has cold winters, particularly away from the sea.

The Oga Peninsula is a prominent feature of thecoastline.

Akita is the original home of the Akita dog (Akita inu), the famously loyal dog of Hachiko fame. A statue of this dog can be seen just outside of the JR Shibuya station, in Tokyo.

Cities in Akita Prefecture 

Akita (capital) - The largest city in Akita prefecture.
Kitaakita - Location of the worlds largest drums. Which can be seen during the
Oga - Location of the Oga peninsula and the Oga GAO Aquarium.
Odate - Birth place of Hachiko the dog. Location of the worlds largest wood framed dome.

Towns & Districts 

Kazuno District
Kitaakita District
Minamiakita District
Ogachi District
Senboku District
Yamamoto District

How to get to Akita?

Akita has two airports with regular flights from Osaka, and Tokyo. Akita City regional airport, which serves the central and southern parts of the prefecture. And Odate-Noshiro Airport located almost half way between Noshiro and Odate city, which serves the northern parts of the prefecture.

By plane

Akita Airport (AXT):
This airport serves 4 airlines. JAL Japan Airlines International, ANA All Nippon Airlines, IBEX Airlines, and Korean Air.

Akita to Tokyo - JAL has 3 daily flights from Akita to Tokyo, for a total of 730 seats daily.
Akita to Sapporo - Chitose Airport - (JAL 55min.)

Akita to Tokyo -ANA has 4 daily flights from Akita to Tokyo, for a total of 808 seats daily.
Akita to Nagoya - ANA has 1 daily flight from Akita to Nagoya, for a total of 126 seats daily.
Akita to Fuluoka - Fukuoka Airport - (ANA 1hour 45min.) - Akita Airport.

Akita to Osaka - IBEX has 2 daily flights from Akita to Osaka, for a total of 100 seats daily.

Korean Air:
Akita to Seoul - Korean Air has 1 daily flight from Akita toSeoul, for a total of 188 seats daily.

Odate-Noshiro Airport (ONJ):
This airport serves only one airline ANA (All Nippon Airlines)

Tokyo - ANA has 2 daily flights from Odate Noshiro to Tokyo, with a total of 252 seats daily.
Osaka - ANA has 1 daily flight from Odate Noshiro to Osaka, with a total of 37 seats daily.

By train

When traveling to northern Akita most people take the Hyate Shinkansen from Tokyo to Morioka. Then take a bus to there destination in Akita.

From Sapporo:
Sapporo Station - (Via Muroran Honsen Line 3hours 40min.) - Hakodate Station - (Tsugarukaikyo Line 1hour 55min.) - Aomori Station - (Ou Honsen Line 2hours 40min.)-Akita Station.

From Tokyo:
Tokyo Station - (Akita Shinkansen 3hours 49min.) - Akita Station.
Tokyo Station - (Jouetsu Shinkansen 1hour 40min.) - Nigata Station - (Uetsu Honsen Line 3hours 40min.) - Akita Station.
Tokyo Station - (Yamagata Sinkansen 2hours 30min.) - Yamagata Station - (Ou Honsen Line 3hours) - Akita Station.
Ueno Station - (Uetsu Honsen Line Bed limited express 10hours 1min.) - Akita Station.

From Osaka:
Osaka Station - (Hokuriku Honsen Line,Uetsu Honsen Line 12hours 20min.) - Akita Station.

From Nagoya:
Nagoya Station - (Tokaido Shinkansen 1hour 55min.) - Tokyo Station - (Akita Shinkansen 3hours 49min.) - Akita Station


By Bus

You can get to Akita via Highway bus from Tokyo.
Tokyo to Akita City - Shinjuku Station nishiguchi - Akita Station mae (9hours 40min. : by night bus)




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